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    Can vegans drink milk?

    No! Vegans do not consume any animal products, including milk. Vegan milk substitutes made from Amonds or Cashew Nuts have a thick and creamy consistency that is similar to Soy Milk. However, these vegan alternatives do not taste much like dairy milk, and are therefore best used in non-savoury dishes..

    What drinks are not suitable for vegans?

    Of course any drinks that contain dairy or Honey should be avoided, and there are also a few soft drinks that are not suitable for vegans too. For example, a small number of orange-coloured drinks contain gelatin derived from animal collagen, while some red-coloured drinks contain the Food colouring cochinea, which is derived from a species of insect. Some alcoholic drinks are use protein from animal sources, while concentrated juice missing its pulp may been distilled by non-vegetarian ingredients. 

    What can vegans drink?

    Once upon a time understanding the full extent of the amount of animal products in Drinks & Beverages was very difficult to quantify. This once lack of transparency posed problems for those choosing to live cruelty-free. Fortunately times have changed, and at Natures Healthbox we too understand that there are different types of diets to cater for, whether that is vegan, lactose or Gluten Free. And while it is clear that there are still some drinks that are not suitable for vegans, you’ll soon discover from our vast selection below that there are now many delicious animal-free drink options available.

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