Essential Oils

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    165 products

    Essential Oils

    Shopping at Natures Healthbox for all your essential oil needs couldn't be easier, with our extensive selection of these unique compounds extracted from plants. Each essential oil product (below) captures the plant's 100% natural characteristic essence to provide you with potential decongestant, psychological and respiratory benefits.

    What are essential oils?

    Essential oils are the result of distillation, via water and/or steam methods, which extracts a plant's flavour and scent. A plants unique aromatic compounds give each and every essential oil its characteristic 'essence'. 

    Which essential oils are good for what?

    Below are a selection of six essential oils and their proposed uses;

    1. Marjoram - may ease muscle & headaches.
    2. Chamomile - may decrease irritability & stress levels.
    3. Bergamot - energizes & is thought to uplift your spirit.
    4. Peppermint - is known to ease nausea & motion sickness.
    5. Orange - is thought to moderate Depression & improve Digestion.
    6. Lemon - may encourage a healthy appetite & stimulate a reduction in Fatigue.

    Are essential oils actually good for you?

    Diffusing essential oils in a well-ventilated area is arguably the best way of using them safe and effectively. And should you wish to use them upon your Skin, you should always combine them with a suitable base oil.

    Which essential oil helps you sleep?

    Lavender oil is most commonly suggested by Aromatherapy experts for Sleep and relaxation and sleep. This is primarily due to various studies, which have concluded that lavender not only helps you go to sleep but also improves the overall quality of your sleep patterns too!

    What are the must have essential oils?

    Tea Tree oil is the go-to oil for those with scalp or minor fungal infections, while Jasmine is a lusciously sweet aphrodisiac. Eucalyptus may relieve nasal congestion or calm down a cough and ylang ylang reduces tension and Stress.

    How do you use essential oils?

    The 3 most popular ways to use essential oils are;

    1. Inhale them.
    2. Directly on the Skin.
    3. In a diffuser or humidifier.

    You may also wish to get creative with them, and with a little bit of online research, there are ways of adding them to a Shampoo or Body Wash.

    Should I dilute essential oil for diffuser?

    If you are planning on using essential oils on your skin it is recommended to dilute them with a Carrier Oil to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction or skin irritation.

    Which essential oils are good for the skin?

    Pure Argan oil, Grapefruit, cedarwood, neroli and geranium are all well known to promote healthy, glowing skin.

    Where do you apply essential oils for anxiety?

    If you are feeling stressed or anxious, many aromatherapists suggest applying your chosen essential oil/carrier oil blend by massage, to either your neck, chest or shoulders. This may help you to relax & calm your Mind.

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