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Jasmine UK

Jasmines are a group of shrubs grown commercially for production of their unique fragrant flowers and Essential Oils. The bulk of jasmine flowers are used as such in garlands and decorative branches for religious offerings, and a small quantity is used for production of oils and attars. Jasmine concrete and absolute are used in high-grade perfumes, and come next to rose in order of importance.

What is jasmine plant good for?

Medicinally, jasmine has a history of use in the alternative treatments of liver pain and abdominal pains. It is also believed to be a useful aid for severe diarrhoea symptoms, and may even encourage sexual desire or relaxation due to its respective aphrodisiac & sedative properties.

Can I drink jasmine tea everyday?

No Jasmine online order is complete without a delicious jasmine tea. So whether it's the delicious Dragonfly Tea Moonlight Jasmine Organic Green Tea 20 Sachets or a hearty cup of Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea & Jasmine Tea 20 Bags, for most people should be able to safely consume between 7-8 cups daily.

What do you use jasmine rice for?

Both Biona Organic Jasmine White Rice 500g and Biona Organic Jasmine Brown Rice 500g are ideal for slow-cooked foods like stews and roasts.