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Chamomile has been used for many years to help reduce the symptoms of Anxiety, as well as improve an upset stomach. It is sometimes used topically too, to help soothe the pain related to haemorrhoids.

For the very best chamomile infused products, check out our extensive selection below. From Chamomilla 30c tablets, like Weleda Chamomilla 30C 125 Tablets, to a fine range of creams and Tea, Natures Healthbox have you covered for all of your chamomile needs.

What is chamomile used to treat?

Chamomile contains emollient properties which make it a popular ingredient in many Beauty & Skincare products and it is also used in hair products to enhance colour. Recent trials of chamomile as a Mouthwash, has shown it has the ability to alleviate symptoms such as mouth ulceration associated with being run down.

What is chamomile tea good for?

When taken as an infusion, chamomile is thought to be helpful in inducing Sleep and is often therefore marketed as Tea for this purpose.