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Vegan Bars & Flapjacks

Vegan Bars & Flapjacks

Vegan Bars & Flapjacks

Flapjacks and snackbars have to be the ultimate in simple yet satisfying treats. They are great for lunchboxes, for taking on a long walk (as they contain both fast & slow release energy for an immediate & long lasting boost) or just as an afternoon snack with a lovely cup of Tea. A flapjack or snack bar is the perfect choice when you need that extra boost of Energy, however in today’s grab-and-go world, it can be hard to find a quick snack that is also vegan friendly.

Here at Natures Healthbox we've compiled an extensive selection of vegan friendly flapjacks and snack bars for all you vegan athletes, runners, and physically active individuals out there. So whether you're out on a hike, losing focus at work or just consistently on the go, then check out our range of vegan snack bars & flapjacks (below) which utilize other protein sources, such as pea protein, rice and soy. From Creative Nature to LARABAR, NakdNine Bar, these selections are not only tasty but are full of protein and Other Nutrients required for peak athletic performance.