Creative Nature

Creative Nature

Creative Nature: Award-winning Natural Superfoods & Energy Bars. 

Creative Nature offer an array of invigorating raw Superfoods to make you live, look & feel your best yet. Winning more Great Taste Gold Stars than any other cold-pressed range in history, Creative Nature products only contain the finest high quality ingredients, which maximise the health benefits to you, the consumer. 

Why have a healthy diet if you’re just not going to enjoy yourself...  

It’s the same for ‘free from’ products, just because it doesn’t have gluten, dairy, Nuts or Sweeteners in, doesn’t mean it has to be free from flavour. Creative Nature are different and understand that for you to really feel the benefits of these amazing natural superfoods, sourcing from areas with no pollution is absolutely essential. Unlike some of the cheaper products from China, which often contain harmful heavy metals, Creative Nature's range of healthy Snacks get their great taste from the most nutrient-rich plants & crops on the planet!

Are Creative Nature superfoods packed on a gluten free line?

Yes, all Creative Nature superfoods are packed on a Gluten Free line.

Is Creative Nature Organic?

Approximately half of the Creative Nature range is certified Organic. The reason for this is that Creative Nature always source the highest nutrient content for their superfoods, whether they be organic or not. A fine example of this is the Creative Nature Hawaiian Spirulina Powder, which is not certified organic because of published research that shows that it is much higher in so many nutrients than any organic spirulina on the market today.

How should I store Creative Nature products?

Creative Nature suggest that you store their products in a cool dark, dry place out of direct sunlight. Always keep the airtight lid on too, as it keeps the each Creative Nature product fresh.

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