Larabar: Simple. Pure. Delicious.

Larabar (or LÄRABAR) are committed to making simple and delicious Food. Their range of simple snacks (below) may make you feel good about eating with many Gluten FreeDairy Free and vegan friendly options to choose from. With Larabars, clean eating just got a whole lot easier and may help to revitalise your MindBody and spirit.

Is larabar an energy bar?

Considering the active ingredients, found in each & every Larabar, they may work well as Energy snacks.

Which Larabars are vegan?

Yes! In fact Larabar is committed to making vegan snacks. These bars are made entirely from plant-based foods.

Are Larabars Paleo?

Larabars containing peanuts or Nuts & Seeds are not Paleo because they have added sweeteners, however Larabars in the fruits & greens range. To be safe make sure you check the ingredients before consuming a bar.

Do Larabars have sugar in them?

There is no sugar added Larabars. The sweet taste comes from the natural sweetness of dates.

Which larabar is the healthiest?

We can't tell you what the healthiest of all the Larabars is, but it's important to know that each bar contains dates, which just so happen to be a low-glycaemic index food. This means that they will not raise blood sugar levels after they are consumed.

What is the best tasting larabar?

Here at Natures Healthbox, we won't go as far as to tell you what the 'best' tasting Larabar is, because personally we love them all! However, we understand the unique and individual tastes of our customers, so what might appeal to one person, may not for another. What we can say is whatever Larabar you decide to choose is a magical combination of whole foods such as nuts and apples that will lift your spirit with each & every bite!

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