Soy Milk

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    Soy Milk

    Shop the Natures Healthbox selection of soy milk's, which offer a comparable amount of protein as dairy milk, but with very little saturated fat.

    How is soy milk made?

    Soy milk, or Soya milk, is a plant-based, Dairy Free Milk alternative that in its original form, was a natural by-product of tofu. Soy milk is made by grinding and soaking soybeans, which are then boiled & filtered.

    Is soy milk good for you?

    Yes! When you considered soy milk is naturally free of Cholesterol and a great source of protein, Calcium and Potassium, there is no doubting soya milks health benefiting potential.

    Does soy milk improve skin?

    It might do! There is an increasing amount of medical research coming to light that suggests the Antioxidants in soy milk may improve Skin health.

    Is soy milk bad for men?

    No! Despite the myths surrounding soy milk and its potential to negatively interact with a man's testosterone levels, there is substantial evidence to suggest that this is not the case. 

    Can I drink soy milk everyday?

    Despite the claims surrounding men's health, and not to mention those which also suggested the phytoestrogens in soy milk may improve a woman's physical appearance, having 1-2 servings daily of soy milk will not cause your Body any harm.

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