Pistachio Milk

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    Pistachio Milk

    Shop the Natures Healthbox selection of pistachio milk's which offer a Dairy Free substitute to regular cow's milk.

    How is pistachio milk made?

    Pistachio milk is a Dairy Free Milk alternative made from ground, soak shelled pistachios, which are then blended with water.

    Where are the best pistachios from?

    There is no doubting that the country of Iran is universally known for producing the best Pistachio Nuts.

    What does Pistachio milk taste like?

    Don't be put off by the pale green colour of pistachio milk, as it is known to have a distinctive but mild but rich, flavour.

    Is pistachio milk good for you?

    Yes! Pistachio milk is a rich source of Antioxidants, oleic acid and monounsaturated fats. There are those out there that suggest it may be a traditional remedy for high Cholesterol and triglycerides too!

    How can I use pistachio milk?

    Pistachio milk complements smoothies, certain tea's and your morning cup of Coffee. And if you've selected an unsweetened pistachio milk, like Borna Unsweetened Premium Pistachio Drink 500ml for example, you may wish to add a little Honey or Agave Syrup to perk it up!

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