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    Grass Fed Collagen Peptides, Bone Broth & Gelatine


    Ossa Organic believe in the restorative, healing properties of natural Food. They value organic ingredients and slow cooking techniques, and their range (below) is based on tradition not trend. 

    Where are Ossa foods made?


    The entire Ossa range is made locally and 100% British sourced. They slow cook their broths and hand clarify their Ghee on and organic farm in Worcestershire.

    What is collagen powder good for?


    Ossa Organic Collagen Powders work like an instant botox, to nourish your teeth, Skin, Hair & Nails.

    How healthy is ghee?


    Ossa Organic's natural fats are grass fed, 100% organic and British. Each Ossa Ghee product is full of monounsaturated omega-3s, which are Essential Fatty Acids known to support the Heart & Cardiovascular system.

    How healthy is bone broth?


    Ossa's Bone Broth isthe first traditional, organic, grass-fed broth to retail in Great Britain. It has anti-inflammatory effects and Other Nutrients with beneficial properties. Some people believe that bone broth may even help to improve Sleep, Slimming & Weight Loss, and Joint Health & Inflammation.

    What happened to Ossa?


    Ossa has proven to be a strong fledgling business that is now ready to grow. They are currently pushing to get Digestion & Gut Health at the forefront of consumer thinking, and their product are a true reflection of this.

    How do Ossa make their foods


    At Ossa their production process is sustainable and cyclical. This allows them to use Bones that would otherwise be incinerated (contributing to carbon footprint) and upcycle them to make their nourishing and restorative broth's. Ossa hand clarify their ghee in small batches too, and hand render their organic tallow.

    Why should I choose Ossa Organic?


    Ossa create foods that enable you to nourish your Body by including their nutritious products into your daily life. They're a family run business and their family lives their brand. So if you're looking to move away from processed food with preservatives & unnatural ingredients, then look no further than Ossa Organic.

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