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Yare Valley Oils

Yare Valley Oils

Yare Valley Oils: Dressings, oils & infusions made on the Norfolk Broads.

As a small British business, stuck out in the beautiful wilds of Norfolk beside The Broads, Yare Valley Oils beaver away to bring you the highest quality cold pressed rapeseed oil, dressings and infusions. The pure and delicate flavours of their products make them ideal for everyday use in your Kitchen.

How are Yare Valley Oils made?

Yare Valley Seeds are simply pressed by a mechanical means then filtered twice for an incredibly pure and wholesome oil. They then use this oil as the foundation to create a range of infusions, dressings and Oils.

What can you use Rapeseed oil for?

Yare Valley's extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil is ideal for frying, roasting, Baking or used as a dressing.

What are the benefits of Rapeseed oil?

Yare Valley are proud of the nutritional benefits, ‘Britishness’, versatility and award winning flavour of their rapeseed oils. They are high in omega 3, contain a rich source of Vitamin E, and have half the saturated fat of Olive oil.

Can I use rapeseed oil instead of olive oil in salad dressing?

Yes, absolutely! Yare Valley's award winning rapeseed oil's have 10 times the omega 3 of olive oil, and, as we now know, half the saturated fat. So they are certainly a great choice for a healthy salad dressing.