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Westlab Bath Salts

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Westlab Bath Salts

Westlab: Bath & Spa Salts

Westlab are importers and manufacturers of natural based bath & Spa products. Since 2004, Westlab have been the UK’s leading experts for pure mineral salts, providing premium quality products at consistently great prices, through direct work with their suppliers, coupled with a no-fuss approach to packaging. This philosophy has resulted in a trusted loyalty to the Westlab brand, from a wide ranging customer demographic including health conscious individuals, parents, health professionals, A-list celebrities and professional athletes.

How might Westlab benefit my body?

Westlab's extensive selection of high-quality, Magnesium rich salts and therapeutic products, are all based on the use of muscle relief, Skin repair, and Body cleansing.

Which Westlab Bath Salt is best for me?

Westlab Epsom Salt is ideal for sports people and those who are experiencing cramps and aching muscles, because it helps to draw lactic acid out of the body and muscles, while instantly giving a strong fix of magnesium.

Westlab Magnesium Chloride Flakes are perfect for people who find their magnesium deficiency results in restlessness, irritability, poor sleep quality, Anxiety or Depression.

Westlab Pure Dead Sea Salt provides a milder intake of magnesium, which makes it ideal for use by children and those with dry, itchy skin or low Calcium and/or Potassium levels.

Westlab Himalayan Pink Salt will provide you with a wonderfully detoxing Bath, containing 84 essential Minerals. It contains less magnesium than the other bath salts (above), and provides the perfect source of nourishment for your skin.