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The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree: For an innovation in snacking, you’ve come to the right place!

If you are looking for an assortment of healthy and delicious Snacks, which you and your whole family can enjoy, then enter the forest and forage on The Giving Tree's innovative range. Each Giving Tree Food product is healthy, crunchy, tasty, and as fresh as can be for a snack or a meal.

What types of snacks do The Giving Tree have to offer?

Ever had broccoli crisps? You’ll be pleasantly surprised. This is just one example of the many freeze dried & vacuum fried snacks that The Giving Tree have to offer.

Why do The Giving Tree use freeze drying and/or vacuum frying methods during the production process of their snacks?

The Giving Tree's special freeze drying and vacuum frying process means that 100% of the nutrition, in each & every snack, remains intact. Studies even indicate that vacuum-frying retains more Nutrients than traditional frying, while freeze dried foods are rich in Antioxidants, Potassium and fibre. 

Are The Giving Tree snacks free from preservatives?

Yes! The Giving Tree range is preservative free, all natural, guilt free and delicious too!

Why should I choose The Giving Tree?

The Giving Tree range is perfectly suited to all ages and demographics. They are great for a paleo diet, or for athletes due to their light weight. Your Baby & Child may also enjoy The Giving Tree as they can either suck or chew (they easily dissolve) upon their unique range of snacks.