Rowse Honey

Rowse Honey

Rowse Honey: Everyday Honey. 100% Pure & Natural.

Why Rowse Honey?

For the last 70 years or so, Rowse Honey have been sharing their love of honey with the UK. They travel all over the world to find delicious, quality honeys and are proud to ensure that each one is 100% as nature intended - with nothing added and nothing taken away. Rowse Everyday Honeys are perfect for spicing up your breakfast and come in both glass jars and squeezy bottles too!

Where is Rowse Honey from?

Rowse Honey specially selects honeys from all over the world, from sources including South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia, to produce a pure and natural Honey that is consistent in flavour, colour, aroma and texture all year round

Are Rowse Honey's gluten free?

Yes! All Rowse Honey's are Gluten Free.

Is Rowse Honey vegan friendly?

Like all honey, Rowse Honey is a by-product of bees so suitability is down to personal preference.

How can I use Rowse Honey once I've purchased it?

Rowse Everyday Honeys are delicious on everything from Porridge & Oats, to Granola & Muesli, pancakes and fruit.

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