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Health Reach

Health Reach

Health Reach: Premium lifestyle related health food supplements.

Health Reach is immersed in providing support for a lifestyle change that will lead to improved health outcomes for those who choose their products. They empower their consumes to take ownership of their health through education and a wide range of Food Supplements that support a range of lifestyle and dietary issues. And when choosing a Health Reach supplement, you are sharing in the dedication, experience and expertise that goes into the formulation of each individual product. 

What are food supplements used for?

Apart from smoking, the three main risk factors associated with cardio-vascular disease (CVD) are obesity, high Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. Health Reach have carefully formulated products to support the management of all three, and have also developed other supplements to deal with lifestyle issues in the areas of Skin health, the Joints & Bones, Urinary Tract, muscle health and relaxation.

Do food supplements really work?

Health Reach food supplements are backed by a resident team of health professionals who are qualified in human nutrition and lifestyle behaviour change. Made using only the finest ingredients, each Health Reach formulation is evidence-based to address a specific area of personal health.

Where are Health Reach supplements made?

Since 2002, Health Reach has been producing their range of premium health food supplements in Dublin, Ireland.

Why should I choose Health Reach?

Health Reach has been at the forefront in the development of premium lifestyle related health food supplements. Their knowledge is derived from a vast experience in providing health screening and lifestyle behaviour change solutions to the general community. Unlike some of the other health food supplement brands, Health Reach identify the key interventions to promote personal wellbeing and provide solutions that deliver effective results.