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Edgard & Cooper: Naturally Tasty Cat & Dog Food‎.

Edgard and Cooper offer a range of naturally tasty cat and dog Food that you, your pets and our planet can feel good about. Each meal is packed with fresh meat, fresh Fish or other exquisite natural ingredients that you’ll instantly recognise. And because Edgard & Cooper pet foods contain so many healthy ingredients, they are incredibly tasty and incredibly good for that jolly four-footed friend of yours too!

Is Edgard & Cooper organic?

Yes! Edgard & Cooper carefully select the partners for their organic recipes in accordance with the conditions for organic production. This means;

  • Much less use of antibiotics & other medicines.
  • The use of fertilisers, pesticides & GMO's is prohibited.
  • The highest attention possible to the welfare of these organic, food-producing animals.

How does Edgard & Cooper dog food compare to the regular brands?

Fresh meat is a dog's natural food, which means they find it easy to digest. Meat has lots of Antioxidants and Other Nutrients that keep your dog happy and healthy. Edgard & Cooper use fresh meat in all of their dog foods as opposed to the inferior and often heavily processed ingredients, which are often used by some of the regular brands.

How are Edgard & Cooper pet foods packaged?

This is a really good question, as Edgard & Cooper were the first pet food brand to offer a full range of bags made from plant-based materials materials. Because plants grow in the soil, when they’re managed well they can be a renewable resource. What’s more, they remove CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow. Their remaining products are packed into tins and cups made from metal - the world’s most recycled material. Compared to other materials, recycling metal is easy. For example, 75% of all aluminium used since 1888 is still in use today!

What is the shelf life of Edgard & Cooper pet foods?

Edgard & Cooper's metal tins keep their pet food fresh for ages. Thanks to metal’s natural preservative properties, Edgard & Cooper stays full of nutritional goodness for 24 months - which also helps reduce food waste.

Why should I choose Edgard & Cooper for my dog or cat?

Firstly, the smell and taste of the fresh ingredients found in each and every Edgard & Cooper product is utterly irresistible, so you can be sure that your cat or dog will not leave any left-overs. Second, sustainability. Because Edgard & Cooper are a nature-loving bunch, they work hard to reduce their impact on the example. For example, the aforementioned, biodegradable packaging they choose to use, which is very easy to recycle. And thirdly, because every time you choose Edgard & Cooper, you’re giving to charity as Edgard & Cooper donate 10% of their profits to animal charities who look after dogs and cats.

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