As a naturally occurring amino acid, glutamine (or L-glutamine) is an organic compound produced by the Body and found in some foods.

What does l glutamine do?

L-glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid within our bodies, which provides a source of fuel in the form of carbon & nitrogen to the cells. And in times of Stress, glutamine may provide Immune Support and help with Digestion & Gut Health.

Does glutamine build muscle?

No, but it may help to reduce muscle soreness & Fatigue after physical activity.

Is Glutamine good for the skin?

Yes, absolutely! Glutamine is an amino acid that acts as a basic building block of tissues & protein, so it therefore supports the integrity of your Skin during a workout.

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What foods are highest in glutamine?

Dark, leafy vegetables, Nuts & Seeds, yoghurt and legumes are some of the best Food sources of l-glutamine.

Is there glutamine in whey protein?

Yes! Whey protein products are believed to contain approximately 8% glutamine, while a casein protein supplement offers a slightly higher source, providing roughly 10% glutamine.

Who should not take L-glutamine?

A person diagnosed with Reye's syndrome (a severe condition that causes swelling of the liver) or those with a kidney or liver disease avoid l-glutamine supplements.

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