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Avena Sativa

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Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa

If you're wondering "where can I buy avena sativa?" you've come to the right place.

What is Avena sativa?

Often referred to as the oat plant, avena sativa is a species of cereal grass known for its highly nutritious seeds. It has been used for centuries as a Food source and medicinally, as a traditional herbal remedy.

How do you take Avena sativa?

At Natures Healthbox, our selection of avena sativa products cater for a wide range of potential uses. From avena sativa tablets to tinctures, you can pretty much take avena sativa in any way you like! 

Is Avena good for you?

Yes, we think so! Avena sativa seeds are recognised for their rich source of carbohydrates and soluble fibre.

What are the benefits of Avena sativa?

Over the years, there has been various research conducted into the uses of avena sativa. And many of these studies have suggested it may improve MoodBrain & Mind function, Heart Health or reduce chronic inflammation. Nutritionally, avena sativa seeds do have the biggest content of ZincManganese and Iron of any grain.

Does Avena sativa increase testosterone?

It might do! Avena sativa is not recommended for use by those on sexual prescription drugs, which suggests that it may have some sort of interaction with hormone levels.