Xylitol Natural Sweetener - 50 Sachets

Xylitol Natural Sweetener - 50 Sachets

Xylitol Natural Sweetener - 50 Sachets

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Xylitol Natural Sweetener - 50 Sachets

Xylitol Natural Sweetener Sachets mix and dissolve just like regular Sugar sachets and can replace them in more than equal measurements.

  • 50 Sachets.
  • GI = 7.
  • 100% Natural.
  • Diabetic friendly.
  • 40% Less calories than sugar.
  • Proven to benefit dental health.

What is the safest sweetener for diabetics?

As a diabetic friendly product, Xylitol Natural Sweetener Sachets have to be a worthy contender. Unlike other sweeteners, Xylitol Natural Sweetener Sachets are metabolised without insulin and therefore create a significantly lower glycaemic effect when consumed. Diabetics who choose to use these sachets in place of sugar should enjoy steady levels of Blood Sugar Control at all times.

Is xylitol a natural sweetener?

Yes! Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener derived from the birch trees of Finland, which is offered in its purest form for home use or for Food production. Xylitol is as versatile and delicious as regular Sugar and heat-stable for cooking and Baking too!

Is xylitol sweetener safe?

Yes! However, excessive consumption of Xylitol Natural Sweetener Sachets may induce a laxative effect.

Is xylitol harmful to teeth?

Xylitol is a truly tooth-friendly sugar, which is endorsed by the British Dental Association. Not only does xylitol not advance tooth decay but it has also been found to help teeth repair minor cavities caused by dental caries.

Directions of Use

Use Xylitol Natural Sweetener Sachets to sweeten your favourite drinks, desserts and breakfast cereals with.


Excessive consumption may induce a laxative effect.


Keep Xylitol Natural Sweetener Sachets in a cool dry place.



100% Xylitol made from naturally occurring Birch Tree extract.

Nutritional Information:

Typical Values per serving 4g per serving 100g
Energy 9.6kcal/40kJ 240kcal/1004kJ
Fat Zero Zero
Saturated Fat Zero Zero
Carbohydrate* 4g 100g
of which sugars Zero Zero
Polyols 4g 100g
Protein Zero Zero
Salt Zero Zero
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