OMGTea AAA + Grade Organic Matcha 30g

OMGTea AAA + Grade Organic Matcha 30g

OMGTea AAA + Grade Organic Matcha 30g

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OMGTea Matcha AAA+

OMGTea AAA + Grade Organic Matcha is the most premium grade, organic ceremonial Tea available, which is sourced from the finest shade-grown Japanese Matcha leaves. It is made with only the finest leaves from the top of the Camellia Sinensis plant and first harvest ground using a traditional granite stone mill - a process that takes more than an hour to grind 30 grams.

  • 30g.
  • Vegan.
  • Rich in umami.
  • Bright & vibrant green
  • Has a smooth & sweet taste.
  • Award-winning, high grade matcha.
  • Ideal for consuming straight as a tea.
  • Sourced from the very best Japanese Matcha leaves.
  • With a fine, smooth texture (may create lumps but this is a sign of quality!).

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What is an AAA+ graded Matcha?

OMGTea AAA+ Grade Matcha is a premium ceremonial grade Matcha made from first harvest hand picked leaves. From a nutritional perspective it is similar to OMGTea AAA Grade Matcha 30g but has more L-Theanine and caffeine. Ideal for consuming straight as a tea, OMGTea AAA+ Grade Matcha is for tea lovers who appreciate the fine taste and who like a traditionally straight Japanese style that gives a 'Zen' feeling.

What is Japanese Matcha?

Japanese Matcha comes from the same Camellia Sinensis plant as all teas but about four weeks before it is harvested the Matcha tea field is shaded in Bamboo, resulting in a 90% reduction of sunlight. Now growing almost in the dark, Camellia Sinensis compensates for a lack of light by producing chlorophyll and thus making its leaves rich in Amino Acids. At the time of the harvest only the youngest most tender, emerald green leaves are picked from the top third of the bush. After being steamed and then freeze-dried, the highest quality leaves are selected and the stems gently removed.

The last step in producing Matcha takes place in a factory where special granite stone mills grind Tencha tea into superfine Matcha powder. The grinding itself is done in a cleanroom in which temperature and humidity are kept constant.

Is it better to drink Matcha hot or cold?

Even if you want to make iced matcha or a matcha latte, OMGTea AAA+ Grade Matcha will dissolve best in hot water. However, avoid using boiling water - it shouldn't be over 80°C as boiling will degrade the nutrients and could result in making the taste bitter.

Studies have shown that consuming Matcha with a little Lemon or lime juice helps protect the matcha during Digestion allowing you to get more of the benefits from it. A splash of citrus may boost the antioxidant power by up to 4 times!

Is green tea with Matcha good for you?

The potential benefits of Matcha green tea are so wide ranging that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Some of these benefits are also backed up by ongoing scientific and medical research, which is beginning to try and establish links to Slimming & Weight Loss, Heart Health and type 2 diabetes. This research continues.

Is Matcha better than coffee?

Matcha has far less caffeine than Coffee in just one serving, so offers a more sustained Energy boost with less jitters. It also contains higher levels of Antioxidants, and L-Theanine, which is thought to improves focus.

By switching to OMGTea AAA+ Grade Matcha, OMG Tea can almost guarantee that you won’t need coffee to get you through your day. You might still like the coffee taste so go for de-caff as the coffee “hit” won’t be required anymore.

Directions of Use

Place 1/2 heaped teaspoon of OMGTea AAA+ Grade Matcha into a tea strainer over a mug or bowl to remove any lumps. Add a few drops of 80℃ water and mix to create a paste. Fill with more 80℃ water and whisk until frothy and smooth.


High-strength, premium organic grade Matcha.

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