Neat Nutrition Focus + Energy Nootropic 60 Capsules

Neat Nutrition Focus + Energy Nootropic 60 Capsules

Neat Nutrition Focus + Energy Nootropic 60 Capsules

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Neat Nutrition Focus + Energy Nootropic 60 Capsules

What supplements help with attention and focus?

Start the day off with purpose and clarity with Neat Nutrition Focus + Energy Nootropic Capsules. This plant based supplement features rhodiola rosea, cordyceps and Vitamin B for their proven Brain boosting properties.

  • 60 Capsules.
  • Backed by science.
  • Registered with The Vegan Society.
  • May stimulate cognitive performance.
  • May help to boost energy & vitality levels.
  • Designed to combat the causes of tiredness & 'brain fog'.
  • Thoughtfully packaged in entirely recyclable materials.
  • A plant based supplement with rhodiola rosea, cordyceps & vitamin B.

Are Focus supplements effective?

We think Neat Nutrition Focus + Energy could certainly prove effective, as it has been developed by experts and backed by science. This nootropic brain supplement is designed to improve cognitive brain function, reduce biological Stress and combat Fatigue.

What is Neat Nutrition Focus + Energy?

Neat Nutrition Focus + Energy Nootropic is a daily supplement designed to improve your brain's cognitive performance and mental clarity. It's been produced alongside the experts of BHMA and BANT to produce a plant-based aid that helps the brain cope with our busy lives. A unique blend of Mushrooms, adaptogens and Vitamins, stimulate neurotransmitters, regulate brain activity and energise the nervous system

How does Neat Nutrition Focus + Energy improve focus and memory?

Neat Nutrition Focus + Energy Nootropic Capsules contain the highest quality plant-based ingredients, such as;

  • Ginkgo Biloba - This natural root has demonstrated increased blood flow to the brain and serves as a potent neurotoxicity protector. It helps the Body better process 5-HT and norepinephrine leading to less fatigue and enhanced focus & clarity.
  • Rhodiola Rosea - A natural herb with proven adaptogenic properties. It helps regulate the central nervous system’s response to the stress chemical cortisol, thereby enhancing clarity but reducing fatigue.
  • Cordyceps Sinensis - This naturally occurring fungus acts as a powerful natural stimulant to boost physical Energy levels throughout the day. It also helps reduce brain fog by reducing Inflammation and stimulating the neurotransmitters.

What vitamins help maintain focus?

  • Vitamins B12 & B6 - These vitamins are vital for the synthesis of myelin which plays a key role in your nervous system, and may result in increased alertness, cognitive function and levels of energy.


Directions of Use

As a Food supplement, adults should take two Neat Nutrition Focus + Energy Nootropic Capsules a day with a main meal.


  • Do not exceed the stated dose.
  • Do not use if the seal is broken.



Cordyceps Sinensis, Rhodiola Rosea, Vitamins B12 & B6, Ginkgo Biloba.

Nutritional Information:

Cordyceps Sinensis (Providing 150mg Polysaccharides) 400mg  
Ginseng (Panax ginseng) (from 15mg of a 20:1 extract, providing 7.5mg Ginsenosides) 300mg  
Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) (from 5mg of a 10:1 extract, providing 0.15mg Rosavins and 0.05mg Salidrosides) 50mg  
Taurine (L-Taurine) 500mg  
Ginkgo Biloba (from 60mg of a 50:1 extract, providing 14.4mg Flavonglycosides and 3.6mg Terpene Lactones) 3000mg  
Bacopa Monnieri (from 72.28mg of an 11:1 extract, providing 14.456mg Bacosides) 300mg  
Iron (Ferrous Bisglycinate) 14mg 100%
Iodine (Potassium Iodide) 150μgt 100%
Vitamin B12 (Mehtylcobalamin) 50μg 2000%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 7mg 500%
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) 5mg 357%
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