Bonsoy Soya Milk 1 Litre

Bonsoy Soya Milk 1 Litre

Bonsoy Soya Milk 1 Litre

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Bonsoy Soya Milk 1 Litre

Bonsoy Soya Milk is a great milk alternative that is creamy, delicious and a healthy satisfying everyday Food source. Created by Japanese soy masters using traditional, centruy old recipes, Bonsoy is made from a select variety of whole organic soybeans that are processed to the highest standard.

  • 1 Litre.
  • Lactose free.
  • Manufactured & packed in Japan.
  • Good source of vegetable protein.
  • Presented in recyclable packaging.
  • A creamy, delicious dairy alternative drink.
  • Free from preservatives, colours, chemicals & flavours.
  • Perfect for Dairy Free milkshakes, smoothies & Coffees.
  • Recommended by leading baristas to create the perfect soy lattè.

Bonsoy Soya Milk has a unique mellow flavour thanks to a special variety of whole soybeans that are cooked and finely ground with purified hot Water. This great dairy milk alternative is ideal for cooking and baking with, and delivers an excellent source of vegetable Protein too!

What is soya milk?

Soya milk is the liquid procured by suspending Soya bean Flour in Water. This plant based Drink is a traditional staple of East Asian cuisine where it is thought to date back as far as A.D. 82. The Chinese refer to soya milk as 'Doujiang' while the Japanese know it as 'Tonyu'.

Who can drink soya milk?

Soya milk is a fat-free substitute for milk that can be used by everyone. Fewer people are allergic to soya milk (only 0.5 percent of kids compared 2.5 percent said to be allergic to cow's milk), so if you're lactose intolerant, allergic to dairy, vegan or just not to keen on the taste of dairy milk, soya milk may prove to be a comparable alternative.

What are the health benefits of soya milk?

Soya milk has many reputed benefits:

  • Soya milk is rich in isoflavones - Cow's milk does not contain isoflavones, whereas a cup of soya milk is thought to contain 20mg of isoflavones (Antioxidants which protect cells & DNA against oxidation).
  • Soya milk is rich in vegetable proteins - It is thought that a diet rich in dairy protein may create a higher risk of Osteoporosis. Soya milk ONLY contains vegetable proteins that cause less loss of Calcium through the kidneys.
  • Soya milk contains prebiotic sugars - Raffinosestachyose are prebiotic sugars that provide Immune Support and may help to decrease toxic substances within the Body.
  • Soya milk is lactose free - Soya milk is ideal for those individuals with a lactose intolerance (it is estimated that approximately 75% of the world's population are unable to tolerate lactose).
  • Soya milk may reduce cholesterol - When consumed as part of a diet low in cholesterol & saturated fats, the Protein found in soya milk may help to significantly reduce cholesterol levels (cow's milk contains unhealhty saturated fats that may increase your cholesterol levels).

Directions of Use

Enjoy Bonsoy Soya Milk straight from the pack, in smoothies, on cereal and perfect to use in your favourite recipes. Shake well before opening.

For the perfect Bonsoy latté...

  • As the steam enters the Bonsoy, angle the jug. That will encourage the liquid to spin.
  • Continue with whirlpool method until you reach between 50 - 60 degrees.
  • Let jug settle for roughly 30 seconds, allowing it to develop into the perfect pouring texture.
  • Pour in a circular motion.



Water, Soybeans (15%), Tapioca Syrup, Sea Salt, Job's tears (Japanese Barley), Calcium Carbonate.

Additives information:

Bonsoy Soya Milk contains no artificial additives or added preservatives.

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