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Hemp Milk

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Hemp Milk

Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is a plant-based, Dairy Free Milk alternative made from Hemp Seeds that are soaked & ground in water. Shop our selection of hemp milk's, with some being additionally sweetened or flavoured with the likes of CBD and Chocolate

What does hemp milk taste like?

It is said that hemp milk sits somewhere in between soy and Almond Milk, with a similar texture and nutty-like flavour.

Does Hemp milk have CBD?

Some do but not all of them. If you're particularly looking for a CBD Hemp milk then you may wish to consider Good Hemp CBD Barista Seed Milk 1 Litre, Good Hemp CBD Seed Milk 1 Litre or Good Hemp CBD Chocolate Seed Milk 1 Litre.

Does Hemp milk get you high?

No! Hemp milk, even those with CBD, will not cause you or any of your family members to get high.

Is hemp milk good for you?

If you adhere to a protein rich diet, or are indeed involved in vigorous physical activity, you should certainly consider the regular consumption of hemp milk. This is because hemp milk is fully loaded with protein and healthy fats.