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    Travel: Natural & Organic Travel Essentials from Natures Healthbox.

    Going on holiday needn't mean packing those over-sized travel products in your suitcase...

    We at Natures Healthbox understand that it can sometimes prove difficult to fit everything you need into your luggage, which is why our range of natural & organic Travel Essentials allows you to take your favourite shampoo or conditioner, Body Wash and Sun Care product with you without adding too much to the weight allowance of your air travel. Our extensive selection of travel-sized treasures are suitable for all ages and Skin types, and include products such as natural & organic sunscreens, mosquito & insect repellents, mini toileteries, and herbal Travel Sickness alternatives.

    How do your range of travel essentials differ from the regular brands?

    Our range of travel essentials come from some of the biggest names in the natural & organic market today. Some of these include Incognito, Alba Botanica, Mozzigear, Mosi-Guard and Lavera.

    Firstly, these aforementioned brands (and all the other brands for which we stock) provide travel essentials that have significantly less, or are completely free of, potentially toxic ingredients which may harm you or the environment. Secondly, these products are specifically formulated to be free from artificial colours and fragrances. Instead, there colour and smell are derived from nature’s own sources, such as natural oils and botanical extracts.

    I'm travelling to a hot & sunny country, will a natural sunscreen product truly protect my skin?

    Yes, but they do tend to take longer to absorb. Unike the regular sunscreen products, which use chemicals to absorb UVB and UVA rays, most natural sunscreens (sometimes referred to as barrier sunscreens) use ingredients like zinc oxide & titanium dioxide to form a barrier between your skin and the sun. If you are sensitive to the chemicals found in mainstream sunscreen products, then you should definitely consider a natural sunscreen alternative.

    I'm always getting bitten by bugs, can you help?

    Yes! Check out our range of natural & organic Insect Repellents. If you've already been bitten you may wish to try rubbing Apple Cider Vinegar or Tea Tree oil at the site of the bite. These natural products are known for their antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, which may prove beneficial.

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