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Alba Botanica

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Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica - Plant-Based Products For Your Skin & Hair

Alba Botanica appreciate the importance of being good stewards of natural resources and reduce their environmental footprint whenever they can. Their range of natural health & beauty products are made with love using many natural, organic and cruelty-free ingredients. From rich vegetable and nut oils to plant extracts and Essential Oils, many of the ingredients found in each product are derived from Earth’s wonderful natural plant sources with an emphasis on sustainability.

What makes Alba Botanica stand out

The brand was born in 1979 and has been grounded in compassion and the ethical treatment of all living things ever since. They follows a simple mission – to 'Do Beautiful' - and only produce a range of vibrant body-loving products that keep both you and the Earth healthy and happy. Each Alba Botanica product features the Leaping Bunny logo, too which is the only internationally recognised symbol that guarantees no animal tests were conducted in the development of their personal care products.

Is Alba Botanica a good company?

Alba Botanica passionately strive to deliver the finest possible formulations for the ultimate efficacy and benefits to your Skin and Hair. They make maximum use of ingredients from our wonderful Earth’s plant sources and their products contain no meat or by-products of animal killing. They also reject all cruelly obtained animal ingredients, even if an animal is not killed. They limit their useof animal products to ingredients that are naturally created by and have no future use to the animal such as beeswax.

Are they vegan friendy? 

All Alba Botanica products are vegan except for lip items which contain beeswax, Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Sugar Cane Body Polish 280g (which contains honey), and unpetroleum jelly (which also contains beeswax).