St Lawrence Gold

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    11 products

    St Lawrence Gold: 100% Pure Canadian Honey & Maple Syrup.

    The sweet St Lawrence Gold range features 100% pure Canadian Maple Syrup, maple butter & maple Sugar, and Canadian Honey. These products have been respectively awarded a 2 Star ITQi and Quality Food awards.

    Where are St Lawrence Gold products made?

    All St Lawrence Gold products are produced & packed in Canada, and then distributed to the UK. This helps to spread the word about the quality, purity and simply delicious taste of Canadian honey & maple syrup, which is often overshadowed by those from countries such as New Zealand.

    Is St Lawrence Gold organic?

    Yes! And St Lawrence Gold organic honey's are also certified by the Soil Association too!

    Can I recycle St Lawrence Gold products packaging after use?

    St Lawrence Gold jars are fully recyclable (including the lids) and meet the specifications of internationally recognised OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label).

    Why should I choose St Lawrence Gold Maple Syrup?

    St Lawrence Gold Maple Syrup has all the great flavour of maple syrup at a more affordable price. As a firmly established product in the independent health Food sector, it is produced in the province of Quebec - the heart of maple syrup, with 72% of the world production. Maple syrup harvested from the forests of Quebec, like St Lawrence Gold Maple Syrup, offers a natural and truly authentic product.

    And what makes St Lawrence Gold Honey so special?

    St Lawrence Gold Honey's were the first Canadian honey's made available to buy here in Great Britain. This range of honey (below) consists of organic honey from the hives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to buckwheat blossom honey, from the hives in Carlisle, Ontario.

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