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    Sage is a perennial, evergreen shrub whose leaves are used as a culinary herb as well as being distilled to form an Essential Oil. Some initial trials of sage have looked at its uses in treating early stage dementia by “sharpening” the Brain & Mind.

    What are sage supplements good for?

    Sage leaf supplement benefits include bloating, flatulence, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, Heartburn & Digestion. Sage supplements may also benefit those with Depression or Memory loss.

    Is Sage good for menopause symptoms?

    Yes, it appears so! Sage has been found to be very helpful in treating the hot flushes associated with the Menopause.

    What is the herb sage used for?

    Sage adds an earthy, sweet-yet-savoury flavour to creamy pasta dishes, stuffing or cured meats.

    Is Sage anti inflammatory?

    Yes! When consumed in the form of a tea, such as Floradix Organic Sage Herbal Tea 15 Bags, sage offers many anti-inflammatory compounds that may promote various health benefits.

    Is Sage Good for Diabetes?

    It might be but its not been scientifically proven yet! Some human studies have shown that a sage leaf food supplement improve insulin sensitivity & lower blood sugar. This research continues...

    What are the side effects of Sage tablets?

    You should avoid taking sage tablets alongside prescribed sedative medications, as they may further enhance their sedative properties, causing more intense feelings of drowsiness.

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