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    Riboflavin, or vitamin B2, is one of the many water soluble B Vitamins that is essential for human health. It is naturally present in some foods but can also be added to other foods and dietary Supplements like the one's you see below.

    What does riboflavin do in the body?

    Riboflavin helps the Body metabolize fats & protein, and convert the carbohydrates from Food into Energy.

    When should I take vitamin b2 morning or night?

    While there is no strict guidance when it comes to vitamin B2 supplementation, many health professionals believe riboflavin is best absorbed in between meals.

    Is too much B2 bad for you?

    Riboflavin toxicity is extremely rare, and you would have to consume excessive amounts of vitamin B2 foods, such as eggs, meat, Mushrooms and Almonds for there to even be a notable risk. If however too much vitamin B2 is taken there is a potential risk of liver damage.

    What are the signs of a riboflavin deficiency?

    Usual signs of a riboflavin deficiency include various disorders of the Skin, lips or Hair. A riboflavin deficient individual may also experience reproductive issues or a Sore Throat.

    Does vitamin B2 change urine colour?

    In some cases, vitamin B2 may turn urine almost a neon yellow colour. This is harmless, and just a sign that you're taking more riboflavin than your body requires.

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