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    1 product

    Supplements full of life for full family lives.

    Proven Probiotics is a unique range of products, which combine friendly bacteria with other Nutrients at levels specifically designed to Support Immunity, IBS & Digestion and general health at each stage of life, from Pregnancy and birth to maturity.

    What are probiotics?

    Probiotics are strains of 'good' bacteria, which can help to support bacterial balance in the gut. They can be found in some foods but are more easily found in large amounts in probiotic Supplements.

    Are the probiotics in Proven Probiotics natural?

    Yes, the friendly bacteria used in all Proven Probiotics are naturally sourced & cultured.

    What will Proven Probiotics do for my health?

    Clinical studies have shown Proven Probiotics may help to support Mood, Digestion & Gut Health, immunity and athletic performance.

    Are probiotics proven to work?

    The current hype around probiotics is primarily fuelled by growing scientific and public interest in the human microbiome: the interconnected populations of bacteria and other microorganisms contained throughout the Body. While the majority or studies have yet to disclose any benefits in already healthy individuals, probiotics may benefit those suffering with specific intestinal disorders.

    Are ProVen Probiotics vegan & vegetarian friendly?

    All Lab4 & Lab4b strains (probiotic bacteria developed Cultech Ltd in Wales) used in the Proven Probiotics are both vegetarian and vegan friendly.

    Why must I take Proven Probiotics with food?

    Like all probiotics, Proven Probiotics should always be taken with Food. If they are not taken alongside food, 90-95% of the bacteria will die in the stomach acid.

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