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    Can I buy premade pesto?

    Yes! If you're wondering where to buy pesto sauce then look no further than Natures Healthbox, as our range (below) suits all tastes, dietary needs and individual preferences.

    What is pesto and how do you use it?

    Pesto (Pesto Alla Genovese) is a traditional Italian sauce that compliments a wide range of foods, such as pasta salads, risottos or hot vegetables. You can even add finely spread dollop to your home-made sandwiches.

    What is pesto mainly made of?

    In most cases, a traditional pesto product is made from Garlic, Salt, Basil, Olive Oil, Pine Nuts and Parmesan cheese.

    What is the healthiest pesto?

    We think our entire selection consists of some of the healthiest pesto's around, being that many are organic and vegan friendly too!

    Why is pesto healthy?

    Pesto is full of Antioxidants that may prevent or reduce the rate of damage to our cells, which are caused by harmful free radicals. It also contains unsaturated fats that are often linked with Heart Health benefits.

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