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    Pea Milk

    Shop our selection of pea milk products, which for the record, do not taste like peas. So disprove those misconceptions and jump on board with the latest milk substitute offerings at Natures Healthbox, which are available sweetened, unsweetened, and Chocolate flavoured.

    How is pea milk made?

    Pea milk is a type of plant-based, Dairy Free Milk that is made by soaking yellow split peas and blending them with water.

    Is pea milk good for the environment?

    Yes! Pea milk has a far lower carbon footprint than dairy milk, plant-based milk, and those nut based alternatives. This is because pea milk requires less water and nitrogen based fertilisers during growth and production.

    Does pea milk taste good?

    It is said that pea milk is a smooth and creamy milk substitute that is a lot like a plain Almond Milk.

    Does pea milk cause bloating?

    There is no conclusive evidence to suggest that a pea protein product will cause bloating, and if anything it may actually aid Digestion.

    Is pea milk good in coffee?

    If you're a person who likes a good foam in your morning cup of Coffee, then yes pea milk certainly is a good choice.

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