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    Manilife: All Natural Nut Butters from Argentina.

    Manilife is Peanut Butter done better. Each Manilife product is made from the from the finest Peanuts on the planet, which are sourced from Cordoba, Argentina. You’ll definitely notice the difference with Manilife, as Argentine Nuts are naturally sweeter and with a fat profile akin to Olive Oil, are naturally better for you too!

    Manilife genuinely believe peanut butter has the power to end the world’s malnutrition problems...

    And this isn' tjust because peanut butter is packed with Energy but because it turns boring fruit and vegetables into delicious vessels for this nutritious dip!

    Why should I choose Manilife?

    Manilife Peanut Butter has the same crazily crunchy yet distinctively creamy texture of those regular brands of peanut butter but packs a deeper, darker and more intense flavour. It even has the recognition of BBC Good Food Show bursary and is such a versatile ingredient, that it can be used well beyond the means of just a standard Bread spread - Try adding to any dish. Genuinely. Any dish! 

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