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Cloves are a pungent spice from the aromatic flower buds evergreen clove tree, or Syzygium aromaticum. They are available throughout the year due to different harvest seasons in the various countries in which they grow.

Can we eat cloves daily?

Cloves are thought to be most effective when included as part of a healthy and balanced diet, so with this in mind you could perhaps look to add a few servings of them per week into your home-cooked meals. Cloves highly touted potential health benefits primairily surround Blood Sugar Control and in the prevention of harmful bacterial growth.

What foods contain cloves?

Cloves are often used in African, Asian, Mediterranean and Middle East cuisine, alongside Cinnamon and nutmeg. Ground or whole cloves can be used to flavour meats, curries & marinades, or to add a pungent kick to a variety of Hot Beverages. In sweet dishes, cloves are often used across the pond, for a great American Pumpkin Pie recipe.