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    Farm Brothers Organic Cookies: Eat good cookies, change the Earth!

    Farm Brothers proudly present to you the world's most irresistible slow-baked Cookies, which are made out of 100% organic ingredients. Low in fat and salt, and free from egg, wheat and palm oil, Farm Brothers Cookies are sweetened with unrefined raw cane Sugar and brown Rice Syrup.

    Who are the Farm Brothers?

    The Farm Brothers, Herman & Teyler, believe that in life and in Food, it should all be about being adventurous and trying new things. This is why they are passionate about creating delicious Snacks with the healthy good stuff, straight from the farm. Every premium ingredient found in Farm Brothers slow-baked cookies is something you can pronounce and probably already have in your own Kitchen.

    Which biscuits are high in Fibre?

    The Farm Brothers range of cookies (below) are a rich source of fibre.

    Are there any biscuits without palm oil?

    Yes! Farm Brothers Cookies are palm oil free.

    Is Egg necessary in cookies?

    No, which is why Farm Brothers slow-baked cookies are 100% egg free.

    What is the healthiest cookie to eat?

    Well, Farm Brothers cookies are certainly up there with the healthiest, as they 100% organic! Organic farmers make sure their soil is healthy, living, and full of nutrients. Because Farm Brothers ingredients come from healthy soil, they are better for you and the planet. Organically grown ingredients are nutrient rich, support biodiversity and soil water retention, and hold carbon in the soil. When you choose to buy organic foods, such as Farm Brothers Organic Cookies, you support organic farmers and directly impact the growth of the organic market!

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