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    14 products

    Eat Natural - Granola, Toasted Muesli & Snack Bars.

    Eat Natural bars and Granola have been made in small batches using the very best ingredients with love & care.

    How did the Eat Natural brand begin?

    They started out well over twenty years ago with a simple idea: to take the best produce they could get hold of and make it into something truly delicious that also made them feel healthy. They avoided all of those dodgy additives, no unpronounceable ingredients and preservatives, focusing instead on just a few nice things. With armfuls of dried fruit, Nuts & Seeds from a near-by health food shop they mixed and baked their first ever bar in the cramped kitchen of a small flat in Epping. Since then the business has substantially grown and their fancy factory features snazzy machines, which speeds up the production of their freshly made products bars to help cope with the demand from their loyal consumer base.

    What makes Eat Natural stand out?

    Eat Natural could be more highly-processed and worry less about what goes into their foods but, to be honest, it’s just not what they do. Whether it’s sourcing the best tasting ingredients, from exactly the right grower; taking that bit of extra care when creating their delicious recipes; mixing a perfect batch of your breakfast cereal or simply applying just the right amount of pressure when hand-rolling a bar. Whatever they do it is always to ensure that their consumers get exactly what they want, in a way they would want them.

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