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    Bromelain, a cysteine protease, is an enzyme extract found in the stems of fresh pineapples. It cuts through the chains of cysteine Amino Acids, breaking other proteins apart, and has both a history of use in cosmetics and traditional medicine.

    How does bromelain work in the body?

    Studies into bromelain supplementation seem to suggest that it may heal Skin wounds and reduce inflammation.

    Is it safe to take bromelain daily?

    The Body appears to be able to safely absorb a significant amounts of bromelain on a daily basis, however when it comes to bromelain supplements, your GP may suggest you take them on an empty stomach to combat inflammation or with meals to aid Digestion.

    What are the benefits of taking bromelain?

    The potential health benefits surrounding the use of bromelain supplements tend to focus on sinusitis, allergies and osteoarthritis. It is also said that bromelain may prove to be a useful Digestion & Gut Health aid.

    Who should not take bromelain?

    If you have high Blood Pressure, a kidney or liver disease, or are a pregnant woman expecting a baby then you should not supplement with bromelain.

    What is the best bromelain supplement?

    Here at Natures Healthbox we won't go as far as to tell you what the 'best' bromelain supplement is, because what may prove effective for one person may not for another. However, you can rest assured that our selection of bromelain supplements below have been sourced from only the best and most trusted brands within the natural & organic market.

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