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    Check out our extensive selection of the best brain supplements for adults & children. These Supplements (below) are specifically designed to maintain & improve normal cognitive function, reduce mental Fatigue, and improve the overall health of the brain. These supplements are not considered stimulants in the strict sense, such as ingredients like caffiene, and should not be used to balance a bad diet or nutritional deficiencies.

    What is the best supplement for your brain?

    At present, there is no substantial evidence that shows exactly how brain & mind supplements work but there has been a lot of research conducted on the possible benefits of Ginkgo Biloba supplementation. Sourced from the the leaf of the Ginkgo tree (one of China's oldest plants), Ginkgo biloba is thought to be beneficial in the treatment of age-related mental decline, and is a popular prescription in France and Germany.

    Another popular 'brain booster' is the the omega 3 fatty acid Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is found in Fish Oils. DHA is a nutrient that is thought to be important for helping brain cells to communicate and for the development of an infant's brain.

    What is the best vitamin for mental focus?

    Vitamin D3 supplementation has been shown to improve Memory and attention span, while vitamin B12 may also improve memory as well as Mood and depressive symptoms.

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