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    Borna Foods - Artisan Nut Butters & Milk Alternatives

    Borna Foods are leaders in innovative pistachio, almond and cashew products. Not only is this young British company based in the UK, they know their Nuts, and serve them in their range of products to both local and international markets. This selection of fresh, aromatic flavours stretches across artisan Nut Butters and nutritious milk-alternative drinks.

    When did Borna Foods begin?

    They started out in 2014 as a small family business, focusing on wholesale and export of premium nut products. Since this time, the brand has gone from strength to strength and they now operate in 3 high growth categories (nuts, nut butters and non-dairy milk), with an extensive and innovative range of products. Along the way, they have won several amazing awards including Great Taste and World Food Innovation for Best Artisan Product and for Best Plant Based Drink.

    What makes them stand out?

    They import their supplies themselves, in order to ensure that they never have to compromise on quality. Their core values include:

    • Quality - they care about how their products are made & source all of their premium nuts from certified farms around the world.
    • Innovation - they believe in originality & innovation & always produce foods with their customers in mind
    • Health - they want to make healthy, nutritious foods more accessible to everyone.
    • Community - they want to do their part to support the local community by, for instance, working with local food banks, job schemes & educational institutions.
    • Sustainability - they understand that there is only one planet Earth & strive for all their products, from ingredients to packaging, to be as sustainable as possible. 
    • Integrity - they ensure to be honest, open-minded, ethical, and fair.

    Is pistachio milk good for you?

    Please read our Outside the Box blog on pistachio milk, which is entitled What kind of milk is good for soccer players?, and exclusively featured Borna Unsweetened Premium Pistachio Drink 500ml and Borna Lightly Sweetened Premium Pistachio Drink 500ml.

    What is the shelf life of Borna Nut Butters?

    Borna Foods Nut Butters have an approximate shelf life of one year before the seal is broken. Once opened, it is advised for you to consume the product within three months.

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