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    Bonsan Absolutely Vegan - Simple, Organic nutrition that’s absolutely Vegan.

    Healthy, world-friendly choices shouldn’t mean missing out. And they shouldn’t be hard to identify too. Thankfully Bonsan Absolutely Vegan offer simple, exciting nutrition that’s 'absolutely vegan' with foods that are exciting, accessible, vegan and organic. From breakfast through to dinner, delve into a delicious selection of plant-based dishes (below).

    Bonsan's quick and easy, 100% vegan recipes will keep you inspired in the kitchen, each & every day. By choosing Bonsan Absolutely Vegan you'll quickly realise that vegan Food isn’t boring and organic food isn’t the preserve of the elite. In fact Bonsan Absolutely Vegan products prove that anyone can make healthy and enjoyable food choices that make a difference to themselves, to the animals, and to the environment.

    Why is a vegan diet good for my health?

    A vegan diet is great news for the environment, for animals and for you. Consuming meals that are plant-based, flavourful and balanced are more likely to be good for you as they will most likely consist of vegetables, fruits, Nuts & Seeds and whole grains. And if weight is something you’re concerned about, it might be of interest to note that vegans are the only population who can, on average, boast a healthy BMI. The dietary fat from meat and dairy is converted into Body fat more readily than the calories from carbohydrates, and plants simply tend to be less calorie dense too!

    Why should I purchase Bonsan Absolutely Vegan products?

    These days, people in their droves are becoming plant-powered and choosing organic, spurred on by an explosion of information that points to a trifecta of goodness for our bodies and planet Earth. Incorporating plant-based eating into our diets may be becoming more popular, but it doesn’t seem to be getting easier. Step into most local food stores on a mission to fill your basket with vegan-friendly products and you’ll soon be scouring ingredients lists and peering for vegan marks. Bonsan makes it easy when choosing to consume vegan and organic products, encouraging a peaceful relationship with the planet and everything that inhabits it.

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