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    Beetroot (or beets) is a dark-red vegetable and taproot portion of the beet plant (Beta vulgaris), which is usually consumed within a salad & can be served raw, roasted or boiled. 

    Why am I craving beets?

    Some expert nutritionists believe that if you find yourself craving beets (or indeed spinach or yoghurt for example), you Body maybe low in Calcium. However, it's important to establish this through appropriate medical consultation before considering beet or calcium supplementation.

    How can I buy beetroot?

    Buying your favourite beetroot flavoured foods, Drinks & Beverages is simple here at Natures Healthbox. Simply check out the products from our selection below and click 'add to basket' on those you like.

    What are benefits of beetroot?

    Yes, absolutely! Beetroot contains a unique source of betaine, a nutrient that helps fight inflammation and protects the cells and enzymes from environmental stress. Beetroot also contains high traces of fibre, Vitamin B (folate) and Vitamin C alongside essential Minerals, such as Potassium and Manganese.

    Do beets improve athletic performance?

    Exercising muscles need more blood and beetroot's frequent links to improved blood flow and lower Blood Pressure can be attributed to its high concentrations of nitrates, which aid in the widening of the blood vessels within the body.

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