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    Award Winning Skincare Products for Eczema

    Balmonds has evolved beyond just award-winning products. Not only do they specialise in products that are free from the common synthetic ingredients that may cause flare-ups & rashes, their range of natural balms, oils and creams are sold worldwide, improving the lives of people with dry, sensitive or allergy-prone skin such as eczema. 

    Where is Balmonds made?

    Balmonds make their products right next door to Natures Healthbox, here in Brighton. Once known as Pure Potions, they began when a mother was trying to find a safe and effective way to manage her daughter's chronic skin condition. Having exhausted all treatments, conventional and alternative, Natalie took matters into her own hands and formulated a natural moisturising salve in her own kitchen. Within a matter of days her daughter's skin and their lives were totally transformed.

    What makes Balmonds stand out?

    They only use the highest quality natural ingredients. Each one is carefully chosen for its skin-nourishing benefits, ensuring it’s safe to apply on eczema and allergy-prone skin without the risk of long term, damaging or harmful side effects.

    Who is their target audience?

    Adults and children alike rely on Balmonds for safe, chemical and perfume-free solutions to their debilitating dry, sensitive and sore skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

    Is Balmonds good for eczema?

    They produce a range of natural Skincare products for those with sensitive skin, allergies, dermatitis and Eczema & Psoriasis. If your skin is prone to eczema, try Balmonds flagship product, Balmonds Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment 120ml.

    What is Balmonds Skin Salvation?

    Balmonds Skin Salvation is a thick, rich, oily, beeswax-based salve, designed to soothe the itch, lock in moisture and protect from further irritation to break the itch-scratch cycle. It contains Hemp Seed oil which is very rich in Essential Fatty Acids (something eczema sufferers often lack), so long-term use will nourish the skin with the nutrients and oils needed to regenerate, regulate & repair the skin.

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