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    56 products

    Food that fits you!

    Amisa understand that Food is to be enjoyed, so by using the best quality Ingredients, they have created and extensive selection of great tasting special dietary food products that fits you. Unrefined where possible, Amisa foods combine peace of mind with pure pleasure, making them the perfect choice for the life you lead.

    Who are Amisa?

    The Amisa brand has been created by Windmill Organics Ltd, a company committed to providing high quality organic food that is ethically produced with respect for the environment. Quality is fundamental to Windmill Organics, and forms a cornerstone of their company culture in terms of both their Amisa products and the consumers they sell them to.

    Are Amisa foods gluten free?

    All Amisa foods are batch tested for gluten, and those that are Gluten Free are clearly marked with a green logo on the side of the product packaging.

    Amisa also offers a selection of products made from the nutritious spelt grain which, although not gluten free, can be tolerated by some people with wheat sensitivity.

    Do Amisa foods contain any additives or preservatives?

    No! Amisa foods avoid the use of additives, preservatives and chemical pesticides.

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