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    3 products

    Sea Salt Infused with Organic Herbs

    Herbamare is a range of Sea Salt products by A. Vogel, which are infused with 12 fresh, organically grown Herbs and vegetables. These added ingredients, such as parsley, leek, thyme & rosemary, are processed carefully to ensure that it is as fresh and natural as possible.

    How is it made?

    Herbamare is still made today in exactly the same way that Alfred Vogel first created it hundreds of years ago. It is traditionally created in a factory in Colmar, an area of France well-known for its rich agricultural land. Vegetables and herbs destined for these products are organically grown and brought to the factory within hours of being harvested. On their arrival, they are hand cleaned before each ingredient is carefully chopped, diced, and mixed with sea salt. This is then allowed to mature and steep for up to one year before the remaining moisture is gently removed by a special vacuum process. This steeping process allows the flavours and aroma of the herbs and vegetables to become fully integrated into the salt crystal. Once dried all the ingredients are blended together to make the final product you see below.

    Who is Herbamare aimed at?

    It is ideal for those looking for a salt replacement or those who are watching their overall salt intake. With the extra flavour imparted by the herbs in Herbamare, you won’t need to use as much of it to attain the tastes you are normally used to.

    Does Herbamare have MSG?

    Herbamare contains no anti-caking or other chemical additives. A. Vogel do not use any flavourings or additional emulsifier, preservatives and other Food additives.

    What makes Herbamare stand out?

    It's all natural! Herbamare is better than salt because it is prepared with â…“ less salt than regular table Salt. And as we now know, it features the finest organic herbs and vegetables too, and is free from additives & preservatives.

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