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Sweet Freedom

Sweet Freedom

Sweet Freedom: Natural Syrups made from Fruit

Sweet Freedom offer natural syrups made from 100% fruit. They can be used to naturally sweeten Tea, Coffee and Porridge, or be spread on toast, pancakes and crumpets.

Is Fruit Syrup 100% natural?

Yes! Fruit Syrup is made from 100% fruit with nothing added and is produced using no chemicals or enzymes.

Is Sweet Freedom vegan?

Yes! Not only does Sweet Freedom have 25% less calories than sugar, it is also approved by The Vegan Society too!

Do the products contain palm oil?

No! Sweet Freedom do not use palm oil in any of their products.

Are Sweet Freedom products a good choice for diabetics?

All Sweet Freedom products are sweetened only with fruit syrup which is made 100% from fruit and contains only the naturally occurring sugars in the three fruits used; apples, grapes and carob. The combination of these means they have less of an effect on blood sugar levels than table sugar. Many customers with diabetes have reportedly used Sweet Freedom products successfully.

How does Sweet Freedom Choc Shot compare to solid chocolate?

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot 320g is 95% fat free, half the calories of solid Chocolate and 86% less fat.

Why should I choose Sweet Freedom?

At Sweet Freedom life is sweet, but a healthy kind of sweet! All of their innovative, delicious range of products that you see below are natural, dairy, gluten, soya and GMO free as well as vegan and perfect for dieters and diabetics too. Furthermore, Sweet Freedom products are all made here in the UK and have won Great Taste Awards and been voted a 'Cool Brand' as well.