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Suma: 100% Organic, Vegan & Fairtrade Foods.

Suma's super selection of healthy and exciting Food products help you in the quest for a varied and balanced diet. Full of natural, organic, and only recognisable ingredients, all Suma foods are prepared for your consumption just as nature intended.

Who are Suma Wholefoods?

Suma Wholefoods are the largest independent wholefood wholesaler/distributor in the UK, who were first established in 1975. As a licensee of the Fairtrade Foundation, Suma sell around eighty different fairtrade products under their own brand and extol the virtues of fairtrade to anyone who will take notice.

What types of food will I find within the Suma range?

The Suma Wholefoods range includes 100% organic, vegan and fairtrade foods. At Natures Healthbox we stock most of their tinned foods, such as Suma Organic Vegan Green Pesto 160gSuma Organic Pea Soup 400g, and Suma Organic Sweetcorn 340g  to name but a few.

Is Suma vegetarian friendly?

Yes! Suma are a vegetarian business and animal welfare is a key consideration with all of their products too!

Why should I choose Suma Wholefoods?

Suma believe in eating a healthy, and by choosing their products, you are making a choice to eat a selection of vegetarian foods that are low in Cholesterol and saturated fats. Vegetarian foods, like Suma, are an easy way to fuel your Body with the health-boosting Nutrients it requires from a veritable banquet of foods that the green plant kingdom has to offer.