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Specialite Locale

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Specialite Locale

Specialite Locale Vegan & Vegetarian Cakes

Specialite Locale make delicious vegan and vegetarian friendly Cakes in Holland.

What makes a cake vegetarian?

Specialite Locale rip up the rules of traditional cake Baking as both the Specialite Locale Dutch Apple Cake and Specialite Locale Stem Ginger Cake have been made without the use of eggs, milk & butter.

Do vegan cakes taste different?

Our Specialite Locale range, below, consists of traditional cakes with a slight difference. There are no animal products used to bake them, meaning no eggs, gelatine or dairy. What we can say is while they maybe made in the Netherlands, many have said that Specialite Locale bakes are reminiscent of local French patisserie!

What is the healthiest cake to eat?

While you should always consume any type of cake in moderation, there is no denying that the Specialite Locale cakes below are certainly one of the more healthier types out there. They have been made to a specific low in fat recipe and are Dairy Free too!

What is soya free?

Relax, both the above Specialite Locale cakes are Soya free.

Will a piece of cake make me fat?

We are advised to keep our fat intake at around 20%, so if you're on a strict Slimming & Weight Loss plan then theoretically speaking you could work a slice of cake into that 20% once a week. The advantage Specialite Locale cakes have over the conventional brands is that they are specifically low in fat, so as long as you enjoy a slice of their delicious baked treats moderately, within an active lifestyle and diet of healthy fresh foods, you shouldn't get fat.