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Rayners Essentials

Rayners Essentials

Rayners Essentials: Delicious baking essentials since 1851.

Adding vibrant colour and mouth-watering flavour to Food since 1851, Rayners Essentials is a globally recognised brand renowned for exceptional quality. Employing only the best specialist flavourists and using the most up-to-date techniques Rayner’s guarantee to capture true flavours for their Essences and Baking essentials.

What's in the Rayner's range?

Our extensive selection of Rayners Essentials products, below, include high quality food essences, baking essentials, Oils and Vinegars.

Is organic oil better?

We think so, and Rayner's organic oil's are certainly a testament to some of the best premium organic oils out there, on the natural food market today. These unique cooking oils contain ingredients such as olives that are ripened under the Spanish sun to Flaxseed, which is pressed not far from Natures Healthbox in neighbouring West Sussex. Each oil has its own distinctive flavour too, for example the Hemp Seed variation has grassy notes in comparison to the strong earthy tones of the Olive oil.

How many types of essence are there?

Rayner Essentials have a complete range of highly concentrated natural, nature-identical and standard food essences. They are available in more than 200 colour and flavour options to suit all needs.

How many types of vinegar do we have?

Rayners Essentials started out with raw organic vinegar and wherever possible made sure the vinegar was unfiltered and contained the 'Mother’ (a healthy bacteria that gives vinegar its slightly murky appearance). However, they have now extended their vinegar family by adding more premium quality products to the line, which like their first product are unfiltered where possible and rich in beneficial natural proteins, enzymes, fibres & acetic acid.

What is the best syrup brand?

Rayner's have spent years creating eye-catching colours, sumptuous flavours and delicious ingredients for their range of Syrups, which certainly puts them up their with the very best. They have recently been re-packaged too, and as well as being stylish and delectably decadent, many of these syrups have their own health-promoting benefits and can be enjoyed on their own or in a multitude of different delights.

Why should I choose Rayners Essentials?

A brand with a long-standing British Heritage, Rayner's has been providing culinary excellence since 1851 but decided to move with the times in 2017, shaking things up a bit by giving their range a complete facelift. So whether it's exciting new flavours or contemporary bottles to proudly display in your kitchens, Rayners Essentials provide health-conscious consumers like you with the products you're looking for.