PB & ME: Go ahead, go nuts!

PB & Me is more than just Peanut Butter, it’s really about innovation, health and raising our standards for the benefit of peanut butter lovers across the globe. Compared to the regular peanut butter bands, PB & Me's range of all-natural powdered Nut ButtersAlmond and Hazelnut butters are made from premium Nuts, with 90% less fat (and calories) and 6g of protein per serving.

How do I prepare PB & ME?

Mix PB & ME with a little bit of water and you'll suddenly have an incredible peanut butter to consume as you wish.

How can I use PB & ME?

You can enjoy PB & Me as a spread, in your shakes and smoothies or as an ingredient in Baking. If you're a true die-hard peanut butter fan, you may just wish to enjoy it by the spoonful! (without the guilt of course).

Is PB & ME vegan friendly?

Yes! All of PB & ME nut butters are completely vegan and are also certified kosher (MK) too!

How is PB & ME manufactured? Are there any chemicals used?

PB & ME is made by simply pressing the Oil out of the nut butters. It is a completely mechanical process with no chemicals used whatsoever.

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