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Mountain Bread

Mountain Bread

What is Mountain Bread?

Mountain Bread is an Australian family-made wrap/flatbread product, which is nenowned for being one of the world's thinnest Bread, as well as being healthy and delicious.

Mountain Bread's, like the ones you see below, have a thin, dry and soft texture that is not doughy like other breads and is widely regarded as a healthy alternative to those regular brands.

Who can eat Mountain Bread?

Mountain Bread is suitable for everyone, but is often recommended by dieticians as they are ideal for those with diabetes, certain allergies or Food intolerances.

How can I use Mountain Bread?

With so many varieties of versatile wraps available, there are many uses to Mountain Bread, ranging from savoury to sweet, or whatever you desire.

Where is Mountain Bread made?

The Mountain Bread Company is an Australian family-owned producer of unique flatbread. Whilst flatbread itself is relatively new to Australia, it has been consumed in other parts of the world for thousands of years, which is why production was moved to a purpose built factory in Reservoir, Australia to meet Mountain Bread's demands.

Having originally entered the international markets in 1999, Mountain Bread now successfully exports to the US, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Fiji, Dubai, and right here in the United Kingdom.

How can Mountain Bread benefit my body?

While we at Natures Healthbox make no personal claims into the health benefits of Mountain Bread, this unique flatbread continues to be recognised by many leading weight loss organisations, and has even been featured on televised Slimming & Weight Loss programmes too!