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Maldon Salts

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Maldon Salts

What is Maldon Salt?

Maldon Salt is a prestigious and unique product known for its flavour and quality and sought after by the health-conscious and gourmets alike. It is made like no other, there’s an art in temperature and timing. A slow warmth uncovering the water’s secret, with skilled hands poised over every batch. Traditional methods and time honoured techniques passed down through the centuries, are the reasons why Maldon Salt is so unique.

How is Maldon Sea Salt made?

Maldon Sea Salt is made with the same care and traditional methods Maldon have used for generations. Since 1882, Maldon Salt has been made with the same traditional artisan methods from the coastal town of Maldon. The distinctive shape of Maldon's pyramid crystals has always been our company trademark, celebrating the unique quality of our sea salt flakes. You could contend that Maldon Salt is really made by nature, with just a little helping hand from man to release it from the waters secret.

Why is salt important to life?

Salt is essential for life because the Body cannot produce by itself. Without salt, our bodies become unbalanced, our muscles and nervous system cease to function and eventually we die. We die eventually anyway of course, but salt keeps us going for a bit longer.

Is Maldon Salt kosher?

Yes. Maldon Salt is kosher, meeting the increasing demands of kosher product consumers for a high quality sea salt. 

How do I store Maldon Salt?

Maldon Salt is best stored in a salt pig; a type of salt jar, which was originally used by the fishermen to salt their catch of the day.

Why should I choose Maldon Salt?

Four generations of master salt makers have been hand harvesting the naturally formed pyramid crystals that have become Maldon‘s signature. The Osborne‘s have been making the best quality salt for a century. That‘s a long while and a lot of salt for a family both custodians of an ancient culinary tradition and creators of a brand recognised the world over.

By using a great salt like Maldon you can create some wonderfully diverse flavours to enhance any Food. These unmistakable flakes release their saltiness with sweet precision, a fresh intensity and clean taste.